The Beacon College Deep Dive webinar series is a monthly event designed to explore Beacon's programs, best practices, and resources in a more in-depth fashion. This is optimal for students, parents, and professionals to dig deeper into various distinct resources at the College.

Each webinar begins at 5 p.m. EST on the day listed. After registration, you will receive confirmation, reminders, and links to join the webinar via email.

Presented by:
Dr. Kevin R. Chandler
Mathematics Associate Professor

The math pass rate at other colleges is incredibly low, leading many students to struggle with acquiring the general education requirements needed to graduate — so how does Beacon College address this need for its students? This presentation is focused on Beacon College’s math program, and how students who learn differently find college success in mathematics through artificial intelligence and individualized instruction.

Presented by:
Dr. Brian Ogle
Department Chair - Humanities

Anthrozoology is a growing field dedicated to the study of how humans and animals interact. As Beacon College’s most popular major, this science field explores aspects of anthropology, zoology, animal studies, and biology through active qualitative and quantitative research. This session will explore the fundamentals of Anthrozoology at Beacon College, including coursework and career outcomes.

Presented by:
Dr. Oksana Hagerty
Director of the Center for Student Success

Beacon College’s academic support, delivered primarily from the Center for Student Success, scaffolds skill development throughout the course of a student’s four-year tenure. Through individualized support through Professional Learning Specialists, along with Open Learning, Tutoring, and the Writing Center, students access integrated supports that increase academic skill development. This session will discuss the structure of academic support along with methods of evaluating student performance through various lenses.

For students who learn differently, summer often are unstructured due to difficulties finding appropriate programs or vocational options. Beacon College addresses this issue with Summer for Success, a three-week college immersion program for current 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students. This session will explore offerings for students, including innovative and new programs for Disney lovers and student-athletes with learning differences.

Beacon College is not just built on structured support for students who learn differently, but also entails an expansive and varied student life program that helps connect athletes, gamers, and student leaders. With 90% of students residing on campus, Beacon offers countless opportunities to engage in high interest clubs, activities, and trips. This session will explore Beacon’s travel program, along with everyday opportunities including Intermural Sports, Student Clubs, and Volunteer Programs.

Students with diagnosed learning differences often come with co-occurring deficits in social and emotional regulation skills. Beacon College takes a new approach to social-emotional interventions in higher education through a more comprehensive residence life program and substantial individual and group counseling. This session will look into Student Life support at Beacon College, specifically, Residence Life, Health & Wellness, and Counseling services.


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