The Professional Educator Learning Series is a 5-part development series designed to increase awareness and understanding of students entering colleges with learning differences. This program is geared towards current high school guidance/college counselors, high school program directors, special educators, and/or educational consultants.

The 2020-21 webinar series has concluded, but recorded sessions are available for you to watch on demand. ​

Students with learning differences are encouraged to utilize support systems in college to find academic success; however, they sometimes struggle with deciphering essential information about resources, making it difficult to provide authentic recommendations. This session explores the college accommodations-seeking process and provides professionals a tool for comparing and contrasting post-secondary services in college environments.

Mental health weighs heavily in retention and persistence on college campuses. The COVID pandemic has heightened concerns about the overall emotional health of collegians. Learn about key considerations involved with supporting students more vulnerable to mental health issues as they transition to a college campus during the pandemic.

Student-athletes must abide by strict guidelines regarding academic performance; however, it sometimes is difficult to manage an intensive training/competition schedule and full coursework. Without their accustomed high school support, these students are vulnerable to increased academic struggles.

Parents often take an active role in the education and future planning of students with learning differences. Consequently, parents and children can clash over differing opinions of student needs. This session will review fundamentals of family systems for students who learn differently and interventions schools professionals can employ to increase partnerships.

Students with learning differences often are required to attend annual IEP meetings or transition sessions with secondary support professionals. Yet, many students miss out on this critical support. This session will highlight intervention methods, strategies, and best practices to boost student participation in required educational meetings.

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